My first dog, was a "boxer" called "Reksi, which I got at age 14. Since then I always have had dogs. The first bloodhound came in 1976. It was a male dog from Mjavos "kennel". Later a bitch form the same "kennel" arrived. A very beatyful dog who was mother to a long string of champions, including int. nordicDk cg nordic winner 86. Finnish winner 86-88-89, Copenhagenwinner89 and worldwinner89, Ter-Abyrex I`scream. At Mjavos "kennel" they also had pure-bred cat. They tricked me to join them at a cat show, where i totally fell for a Cornish rex. At the next show i purchased a "abbysinner": Now the time was ripe to get out of the city and I bought a small farm of 8 acres in Svorkmo, Orkdal.

A belgian sheperd, Tervuren was bought in 1979 form "kennel" Woodshine. Woodshines Aicanse an Questenberg Ottawa Squaw, (imported from england) was the "stam" bitches at the "kennel". Later I took in two males from
"kennel" Alcyon in scotland. Alcyon Ladykiller and The Troubleshooter at Alcyon. I bred only Tervuren for a few years but got a lovely groenendael bitch which later on bred som fantastic good puppies, both the exterior and the head was good! One Malinois has also been in the "kennel".

In my second bloodhound litter, I exported a lot of dogs to finnland. Among others to "kennel"Front Rovs, they had a Skye Terrier on loan from Finnsky. When pictures of the bloodhound and the Skye terrier arrived a phonecall to finnland immediately happened! I asked them if any Skye puppies was planned. In 1987 we went to Finnland and got  Finnsky Ladystar and Finnsky Light Lady. Finnsky Ladystar is the "stam" mother to my skye terriers.The "kennel" name is derived from tervuren/terrier- Ter and Aby from "abyssinner" and " Rex from cornish Rex. I use the same name both for dogs and cats. For the moment I do not breed cats, the only cat here is a 14 year old halfbreed "abysinner".